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MYSQL connectivity scripts using PHP

The following is the Sample PHP to MySQL Connectivity Script:

Database name : db1
Username : dbuser
Password : dbpwd

PHP Code


-----------CREATE TABLE-----------------

$db="db1"; $userName="dbuser";
$stmt="create table testtable(name varchar(20))";
if(mysql_query($stmt)) { echo"Table createdsuccessfully"; }else {echo"error"; }< BR> ?>

------------INSERT INTO TABLE-----------------
<? $db="db1";
$stmt="insert into testtable values ('value3')";
mysql_select_db($db); if(mysql_query($stmt)) { echo"Value insertedsuccessfully"; }else {echo"error"; }? >
----------------SELECT FROM TABLE-----------------
< ?
$c = mysql_connect($hostName,$userName,$password);< BR> $stmt="select *from testtable";< BR> mysql_select_db($db); if($result=mysql_query($stmt)) { while($row=mysql_fetch_object($result)) { echo "
"; echo $row->name; } } else {echo "error"; } < BR> ?>


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