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One of the first and foremost question that comes to the mind, while you are planning to launch a Website, is the platform on which to host. 

CKM4 provides servers with two different platforms to place your Website on; Windows NT and Linux. 

A Server is basically that which responds to the request of a client. In the case of a Website the client is a Web browser (Ex: Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and the server is the server that we provide ie., Windows NT or Linux server. 

For a savvy of Windows NT and Linux servers read the below: 



Linux server is a actually a platform, to put in simple words it is an Operating System on the Server. Linux we use is the product from Red Hat Inc.. Apache is the software service that makes your Web pages accessible over the Internet on a Linux server. 

The first page that you view, when you view a site is called the default page of that site. 
  1. The default page on a Linux server is index.html 
  2. In a Linux Server all your htm and html files have to be uploaded in the folder called 'www' and the default file has to be index.html. 
  3. All your PERL files and CGI files have to be uploaded to the '/www/cgi-bin' ie., the cgi-bin folder which is in the www folder of the home directory. 
  4. All your mysql files have to be uploaded to /usr/local/var/'domain-name' (this is for database users). 
  5. All your class files have to be uploaded to 'Servlets' folder. 
  6. No ASP support. 

    Note : 

    Here 'domain-name is the name of the site without .com, .net or .org. In LINUX, all the directory and file names are case sensitive 

    For some more technical details of Win NT server go to

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