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What is Web Site Promotion ?

Web Site Promotion entails search engine submissions, strategic links, strategic copywriting, banner ads, opt-in email, client retention marketing, affiliate programs, press releases, sponsorships, strategic domain purchasing and much more. 


Why to promote website ?

Having created/commissioned a web site and then submitted it to search engines you may well be wondering where all the visitors are. You may even be wondering what all the Internet hype is all about - few visitors,few sales resulting,not enough activity.Hopefully, Net Connections can reveal a few facts and help take you forward. 

How is "web promotion" worth over traditional advertising ?

Let us hypothetically assume that a large ad in a national newspaper with perhaps a circulation of one million costs Rs.100,000 for a single day. How many of these readers will actually notice it at all? Difficult question maybe 200,000? This is probably not far off the mark. Extremely bad indeed! For starters, via search engines and directories the majority of visitors are actually product/service seekers. Having proactively initiated a search using a suitable search word.In addition, once the web promotion is in effect, the visitation rates are generally sustained with limited effort. No new investment is needed for each days set of visitors.The actual numbers attracted can depend on a number of factors. For some of the products we have promoted we are looking at four figures visitations every working day of every week! 


Why should you submit to search engines and directories?

If traffic is important to the success of your site like most others then it is important to get listed on as many other high traffic sites as possible. Some services say you should only submit to the top 10 or 12 search engines and directories. Even though these search sites probably will make up the majority of traffic referrals to your site, it will just help your site even more to get listed in the other search engines, directories and other site indices. Today some search engines use the links to your site from other sites as a factor in determining the relevance your site gets in search queries. 

What is a meta tag ?

A META tag is an item in your HTML code that aids some search engines in listing your site properly. META tags provide these search engines with the title, description, and keywords of each page on your site. 

Do you need meta tags ?

Yes. These tags help some search engines with placement. Without these tags, your site would not rank nearly as well. 

How do you know our service will work ?

Testimonials are available on request. Send an email to info@ckm4.con or call us at (080) 3596274 / 9845132800. 

Which search engines, directories and other popular indices do we submit to ?

We constantly improve the list of search engines, directories and other sites that we submit to. This involves appending and deleting sites from the list regularly. We will always submit your site to the most popular search engines, directories and other indices. 

How will people find your web site ?

Your pages must be built properly and they must be registered in various search engines, directories and link lists, in order to have maximum exposure. When we design a site, we carefully consider how to best maximize it's visibility to the search engines, crawlers, spiders and robots. We use special wording and keywords in the page title, page text and in special tags within the HTML code, which aren't visible to humans reading the page. These, and other techniques we employ, assist the automatic search routines of the crawlers, spiders and robots, such as those used by Alta Vista, to get your site listed properly. In addition, we provide a promotion service which will get your site or page registered in hundreds of search engines, link lists, directories and newsgroups. 

Do we guarantee hits to your web site ?

No. Realistically, no provider can really guarantee hits to any page, and we won't make that promise in order to sell you our services. We understand the web and how to best promote sites. We also understand how searches are done by the major search engines, link lists and directories and we endeavor to stay current with their ever changing methods. The search engines, link lists and directories, however, control how information is indexed and presented to users and their methods, as well as their databases, are constantly changing. So, even though a well ran promotion may produce additional traffic in the short term, there is no way to guarantee that level of traffic to continue or increase. 

How long will it take to see some results ?

You will notice immediate results from the promotion, because many of the search engines will dispatch crawlers, robots and spiders to your site immediately. In general, however, the average time between the promotion and seeing your listing is approximately 6-8 weeks and it varies. 

How long will we promote your web site ?

The duration for which we'll promote your website is ONE YEAR. After you enroll for the CKM4 Web Promo Package, you will be entitled to the extra benefits. Monthly reports and status reports are a few of them.




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