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What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically a friendly Internet name (example,, that is unique, easy to remember and faster to locate on the Internet. A Web site, to look professional, must have its own domain name. The computers on the Internet can identify each other only by IP address for example but this is difficult to remember. The domain name will in turn point to the IP address of the host computer where the web site is hosted.

Why should I register a domain?

A Web site, to look professional, must have its own domain name. Using a virtual domain name (one that is the domain name of your ISP, with a little identifier like is like having a PO box as your addresses and also indicates that you are a small time operator. A custom domain name is easier to remember and gives you unique identity on the Internet. Further when some one is looking for your web site on the internet they will start by keying htt:// thus having your own domain name helps others find you faster and easier on the internet. It also gives you a personal email address example
You can have a Web site or email address without having your own domain name, but these generally look less professional.

If I register my domain name, then who owns it? 

Once you register a domain name, you become the owner of the name and no one else will be able to register or use that name on the Internet. You can then sell your domain name, transfer it or modify the contact information. However you are the owner of your name only for the period it is registered. You will have to renew the name well before its expiry date in order to retain the ownership.

What do different domains, like .com, .net, and .org, signify?

The root-domain defines what kind or Organisation you are, so it is important to pick the right one to register. There are many types of global root domain: 

  • ".com" is the American "commercial" root-domain. This is the most preferred as it portrays a company as being global. 

  • ".edu" is the American education domain - this domain is not available for registration unless you are an American educational establishment. 

  • ".org" is the global root-domain for non-profit-making and charitable organisations. 

  • ".net" is the global root-domain usually used by companies who provide Internet based services, but can be registered by all. 

  • Other than the above global root-domains, there are also regional root domains: 

  • ".in" for India as a whole, ".fr" for France, ".de" for Germany, and so on. 

New global root domains have also been proposed, such as .firm, .arts, .rec and .nom, but these are not yet available. 

What domain name should I use?

A domain name which reflects your company or your web site's content should be chosen however the objective is to make the site address easy for the visitors to remember.
Most companies with a known brand name that is important to their business will choose to register their company name with the appropriate root domain extension (.com, .org etc..). 

Choosing the right root domain is more a personal decision and really depends on how you wish your web site to be perceived. 

What do I do if my company name is already taken?

There is nothing you can do if the name you want is already taken. The alternative is to add a suitable extension to the name

Who owns the domain name service?

Everyone. The domain name service is a database laid out like a huge tree, with the root servers at the base of the tree, the domain servers on the branches, and the websites and individual machines on the leaves. The root-servers know about root domains. The domain name service is not a single entity, but a system spread across thousands of computers worldwide.

What does it cost?

For .com/ .net/ .org Rs. 391 / year
For .info/ .biz Rs 490 / year
Please note that domain names with extension .com/ .net / .org can be registered for a minimum period of one year but for .info/ .biz extension the registration has to be done for a minimum period of two years. 

Can you host my web site?

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