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CKM4 is a high performance knowledge organization and we use Internet Technology to facilitate our network of knowledge consultants to collaborate and work on projects from where ever they are. The bottom line is of course customer satisfaction. We have created a base facility that we use in coordination and integration of the projects.

The most important aspect of every project is to be able to complete the project on time and in the most cost effective manner. At CKM4 we keep this in mind at all times. 

Core Values

  1. Create an organization based on learning, innovation and quality. 

  2. Using the collective experience and wisdom of the team 

  3. Focus on domain capability, extensive use of latest technology and methodology. 

  4. Create such an environment that the team members are motivated to contribute to their full potential. 

  5. Create ownership at all levels in the organization. 

  6. Respect individual contributions but value teamwork higher. 

  7. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. 

Name CKM4
CKM4 is an abbreviation of Center for Knowledge Management The 4 signifies the fourth generation in the evolution of information technology.

  • First generation - We started using computers primarily for data storage and retrieval. 

  • Second generation - We started processing data and it became Information. 

  • Third generation - We started associating information obtained in one context with other information obtained in a different context and this became knowledge. 

  • Fourth generation - By managing knowledge we are able to create generalized principles based on existing knowledge from different sources.

Our strengths
We have a network of committed professionals who have already worked together for over a year. Our core competency is our capability to understand your business needs & processes. This helps us to provide you with an optimum e-solution, which is functionally and technologically superior.



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